Guadalajara Construye 11 | Works in Progress

We celebrate our 11th anniversary!

Once more we open our Work in progress section. This year seven features from Ibero-America in their later stages of post- production. The main aim of this program is to aid the films find investors and sponsors to finish post-production.

The selected films will be showed to a group of different companies interested in aiding this films to support their completion and later distribution. All films will present their pitch to a curated group of film distributers, sales agents, post-production houses, film funds and festival programmers.

This event will take place on the 11th and 12th of March 2017. All screenings will have English subtitles.


Ausencia, Claudio Marcone, Liú Marino, Chile
Bad Lucky Goat, Samir Oliveros, Colombia
Infección, Flavio Pedota, Venezuela, México
Mi mundial, Carlos Morelli, Uruguay, Argentina, Brasil
Mis Demonios Nunca Juraron Soledad, Jorge Leyva Robles, México
Respirar, Javier Palleiro, Uruguay, Argentina
Restos de viento, Jimena Fernanda Montemayor Loyo, México

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