Accesible Industry

This project was born on the 29th edition with one feature presentation in the industry galas section. We used a brand new phone app so people with and without disabilities could enjoy the film at the same time. It was the first time a Latin-American festival had a truly accessible projection, allowing the audience to choose from audio description, sign language or descriptive subtitles.

Continuing with the innovation we premiered this section devoted to activities and spaces where people with disabilities are fully included, and that draw awareness in to the topic of inclusion. We are now the festival with more accessible projections.

The FICG both holds a very special place in its core community and also echoes in all Latin-America. With 5 premiere features Mexico Accessible Industry is a no-discrimination model to replicate. This idea is founded under the motto #WeAllMakeIndustry.

Accessible Industry’s program will be released further on.

If you film is accessible or you have a project related to accessibility please write to: